Minix Neo X5 Android 4.1.1. Jelly Bean Firmware Upgrade

by on Nov.29, 2012, under Linux

Minix just released a new firmware/rom (beta though) for the Minix Neo X5 Android Box which was shipped with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwic) Now it’s possible to upgrade to Android 4.1.1. (Jelly Bean).

MINIX announced on their facebook page:

4.1.1+1080p firmware for NEO X5 available here: you may download it first and wait for our instruction about how to flash it! DON’T do it without our tutorial.

Mirror: Download Android 4.1.1. (Jelly Bean) for Minix Neo X5.


All existing data will be deleted! Backup!

  1. Download Firmware and unpack
  2. Turn on the Minix Neo X5 and connect it via the OTG port with the computer
  3. On the back is a small button called “RECOVER”. Press down gently using a paper clip (you can feel a distinct resistance)
  4. Turn on the device while holding the RECOVER button and release after 5 to 7 seconds
  5. Now Windows will try to install the driver, but will fail. In the Device Manager is now an unknown device. Install the appropriate drivers from the “Driver” folder manually (depending on your operating system 32/64 bit version)
  6. Open the RKBatchTool… You should see a pink or green button. If it’s pink start over from 2.-4.
  7. If the dot is green, RKBatchTool has detected the X5 and you can select the .img file from the firmware folder (neo_x5.img).
  8. Press “Restore” (NOT: “Upgrade”!).
  9. The Neo X5 will restart after the successful firmware upgrade. This takes 1-2min… Be patient :)
  10. Done.

Note: The firmware was released as beta and this is not an official manual :)

Changes I have noticed so far:
- new custom Launcher by MINIX (better UI)
- android stock launcher also available
- shutdown button in bottom bar
- button to hide bottom bar
- Rockchip Updater (what’s that for?)
- device name changed to “Rockchip NEO X5″

Update 1

MINIX released a new 4.1.1 firmware version: (username: ; password: public)

Release notes:

Android 4.1.1 – 12.27
Changelog: fixed SPDIF output issue, added display sleep option, auto hide systembar option and force show menu button/bar option

Flash instructions are still the same.

Here is a tutorial how to root the minix neo x5 with Jelly bean

Update 2

Latest version now again with real 1080p support:

Android 4.1.1 – 01.17
1.) Improved MTS, m2ts, mov playback quality;
2.) Added picture-in-picture video mode, support size control via scroll button of mouse;
3.) Added support for upcoming IR-002 remote control;
4.) Added support for future OTA server upgrade protocol;

Download here: X5_box_4.1.1_20130117_1080.rar

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7 Comments for this entry

  • west

    I connect x5 on the otg port with the computer,but my computer can’t find any device,help me,pls,thx!

  • Onetrack

    Try cutting a little bit like 1-2mm off the otg cable end plastic on the otg cable that connects to the x5, the port is a bit too deep and if your head is shallow it won’t reach all the way, thus windows won’t install the driver properly

  • goofy

    Hi, I’ve downloaded the latest firmware file from the FTP site linked above and Win 7 will not install the specified drivers. I’ve tried three different Win7 boxes and no dice. Any thoughts?

  • Stas

    HI to all,i downloaded the last update and successfully installed them on the MINIX NEO x5.
    and i still have the sound issue(sound sometims disappears for a few sec while watching a videos)
    via SPDIF(optical output)
    can any 1 have any idea what can case it ?

  • Justin

    Have had it for 2 months now glitch free on minix Neo x5 . Rooted w/ps3 controller is amazing in full screen. No video or sound glitches. Ps1 games are flawless and now recognised my 1tb hdd formatted to ntfs. Thank you

  • Victor

    I am having problems connecting it to my computer. I have removed the board from the case so the “too deep” USB issue is not the problem.
    Windows does not find any device when putting it into “recovery mode”.
    Any ideas?

  • Victor

    Tried another computer and have the same issue :(

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