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Have you ever tried to download a great track (mp3) from There are several ways to download a track from SoundCloud… I’ll show you how it works.

Please check out first if there is small tiny “download” button at the top of the soundcloud player:
soundcloud download button

If yes, simply click download and wait. That’s it. The track is now on your hard drive.

If there is no such “download” button, you have to use a simple tool called JDownloader. It’s a great download manager written in Java. You can download it here for Windows, Linux, Mac or at (~ 15MB) . Choose your Operating System (OS) and click on one of the links. You probably have to wait around ten seconds before you can download the file because the files are hosted on file hosters which offer premium accounts for users who don’t want to wait.

NOTE: you don’t have to buy or sign up on any of these sites. Simply wait a few seconds and click on “Free Download” and download the installer without any registration process…
After that, click through the installation process. If everything is installed correctly, launch the JDownloader. Now go tou and copy the URL of the track you want to download. If the JDownloader does not open automatically after a few seconds, open it manually and click the tab “Linkgrabber” and then “Add URL(s)”. Paste the URL and click on “Parse URL(s)”. Finally you have to click on the play Button at the top to start the download.

The mp3 file is now downloaded to “C:/Program Files/JDownloader/downloads/” (if you are using Windows).

Make sure that you also have installed the latest version of Java if you have problems running the JDownloader. You get the latest version on

NOTE: The downloaded file is only the preview file (up to 128 kbps). It’s not the best quality available. For a better quality you have to buy the track and support the artist…

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  • Murgeanu

    Thanks a lot for your help. I’ve been looking a long time for a solution to download from soundcloud. Cheers!

    Merry Christmas!

  • Erick

    But the track it’s on 128 kbps… How can I download it on 320 kbps? :(

  • Marv

    Erick-> If you convert a 128 kb/s rated mp3 to an 320er it’ll just increase the size, not the quality;)

  • PJ

    Awesome guys, thanks!!!

  • Seth

    Thanks. It works fine.

  • Gazza

    HaHa Yess, been lookin for an app to download soundcloud music for ages, stumbled across this page, downloaded jdownloader n im now a happy muthafuka!!!
    works great, n easy to use,
    thanx 4 postin this fellaz, u da bomb diggidy

  • honey

    omg this is great. thank you so much for your help! :D

  • Petra Hallenroller

    If you use Firefox or chrome i can recommend you the Soundcloud Super +2 userscript it is more user friendly – you just get a second download button :)

  • Fritzalord

    Better use the greasemonkey script which adds you an extra download button to EVERY track… works with Firefox and chrome on every OS. i found this script at:

  • riaan

    Can I download soundcloud on to my curve?

  • simon

    So basically if I’m about to release a new album and want people to hear bits of it on soundcloud, there’s no point in me even releasing the album since they can get it all there.

    Great that is. No wonder after being in the business for 12 years I may as well give up.

    Und no doubt everyone will moan in years to come when no fresh music’s being made.

    I mean you’re all probably right – how dare ANYONE make a career in music production?

    A shame – I’m lucky to say I have a fanbase that ask me when new material will be out – I may as well say never because a human cannot survive on fresh air.

    Keep up the damaging work…folks.

  • Chris

    I have to agree with Simon here. Some things are free, and that’s all good. But people do have to live off something.

    Soundcloud makes it possible for artists to present their new material and advertise it. Often you can buy the track on Beatport if you really like it.

    I know of at least one artist (Da Sunlounge) who publishes previews on Soundcloud and if you like it, you can buy it directly from Beatport.

    Support the personal artists: I don’t care much about majors (e.g. EMI, Sony Music) because they barely give any income back to the artists. But in this case, you’re supporting the artist, no major. Think of it that way ;-)

  • Suhas

    thank u for sharin da info dude.

  • WAE

    If you would like to preview your music (full quality) online without people downloading it then just put a sound over the track every 20 -30 seconds

    Similar to what Kompakt do when you preview tracks on their site before buying them. They have a vinyl crackle come over the song every so often which also looks great as you preview the music on a music player designed as a record player. Check it out here:

    No matter how little or well known your music, software, designs etc are people will always find a way to get it for free. It is simply a matter of being creative when putting them online/ and try selling them through other forms of media.

    Watch this video –

  • adosh


  • Stino

    I can’t download tracks that don’t have a download button.
    If I insert the URL, I only get tracks that are downloadable from that artist, but not the track that I want to download.
    Help please..

  • freemusic

    “So basically if I’m about to release a new album and want people to hear bits of it on soundcloud, there’s no point in me even releasing the album since they can get it all there”

    @simon – If your biggest concern is whether or not your listeners get your music for free, then no, there isn’t a point in you releasing your album. But this “problem” isn’t restricted to soundcloud, or Jdownloader. Before soundcloud I routinely recorded songs off myspace, and I still get a significant amount of music and videos from youtube when I’m in a pinch.

    The reason why the internet is so useful is because it’s a nearly endless well of FREE information. That includes music. The reason why the internet is so popular is because it’s accessible to almost everyone. If your songs are fully available for online streaming, then they are available for download. If not then at the very least they can be recorded.

    12 years ago when you first decided to make music for monetary gain, what medium did you use to popularize your songs? Was your music available online in 1999? How quickly did your music spread without the aid of the internet?

    The point that I’m making is that using the internet in order to increase the amount of listeners your music attracts is a trade off. Being able to have your music heard over the internet is your right, being able support your lifestyle from the internet would be a privilege. You are not entitled to making money from the popularity you gain from the convenience of digital media. If that idea concerns you then you also have the right to remove any songs you have on soundcloud and you can release your next album on a set of tapes.I don’t mean to sound insensitive, but that is the reality technology has created for us in 2011. You can either move on with the rest of us or continue to live in 1999.

    Everything I have said applies to ALL forms of digital media.

    There are several places online that allow individual artists to make money off of their music such as bandcamp. As we move further into the cloud, paid streaming services such as will allow labels to continue to gain popularity and suck artists dry. There is no sign that site’s such as these will not continue to grow. I need no faith in order to believe that in the years to come I will be still be listening to my ever expanding library of new music.

  • ion

    thanks a lot.

  • nofreemusic

    @freemusic. so basically what your saying is, BECAUSE us producers have access to promote our productions online, we have no RIGHT to complain when our music / money is being stolen? Look, I know I can not fight illegal downloading, no-one can, and in fact, as a producer I embrace it (to an extent)…
    I agree with you about the internet and its advantages.
    But you are extremely narrow minded. Your entire outlook is completely and utterly disrespectful to the producers that pour thousands of dollars and countless weeks/months/years into their music.
    You need to look at this from the producers point of view. Yes we use the internet to promote our music, but so do furniture stores when the promote their products. Does that give you the right to walk into a furniture store and simply “take” a couch because you saw it on the internet?.. quite pathetic reasoning if you ask me.
    All I’m saying is. if you really enjoy a particular artist or musician, buy their work, send them a message, let them know you appreciate what they do.
    Don’t treat producers and song-writers with such disrespect, without them, you wouldn’t have any music to steal…. i mean download ;)

  • matt

    yo, im running osx. dowloaded Jdownloader, folowed the instructions, put in the url, soundcloud, any track that already has the download link available is the only ones that can be dowloaded through this application, those without the existing download within the soundcloud playback, is not downloadable with jdownloader.. can u help? or was this just a waist of my time…

  • Sennem

    Dudes just use the Firefox plugin Soundcloud SUPER +2

    it adds a download button to every track.

    OP: can you create a new blog entry describing how to use it? i think there is one for Chrome too and the soundcloud super +2 can be used as userscript too.

  • freemusic


    Yes that is what I am saying. You might have poured thousands of dollars into your music, good for you. I admire your drive. You did not however, dump thousands of dollars and hours of your time into uploading your music to the internet. That most likely was free, and took maybe 5 minute s of your time. If it wasn’t free, I feel bad for you.

    The comparison between online music and furniture advertising is what’s narrow minded here. Their ads are online, not their product. Now if I could try that couch online, sit in it and feel the leather, maybe see how it looked in my living room, then it would be a different story. If I could somehow download that couch for free via jdownloader, I would. If they complained, I would say that they should take their product offline. You can’t compare having something in a store to having something on the internet. A better analogy would be placing that couch in a field, except this field has 3 billion people in it and due to some kind of magic grass in this field everyone can stand next to the couch at the same time , is anonymous, and can fit this couch in their pocket. Also, the sign on the couch says it costs 300 dollars and is next to a bucket that says you should place the money in the bucket on your honor. The owner might have spent a lot of time making that couch. He has a right to own it. He does not however have a right to be such a lazy salesman, regardless of what laws that might be in place to protect him.

    People put their music online for free, and they continue to make music. Therefore, so could you. It’s not a requirement to put a full sample of your song anywhere online, you could advertise your music with samples, or simply just pictures like that furniture company. Will it have the same impact? No, it probably won’t. But if you can acknowledge the benefits you have to acknowledge the risks. I will not feel bad for you if you purposefully decide to enter a risky situation and complain about it afterwards. I’m not trying to be disrespectful, I’m trying to be honest.

    I am a music listener. Without people like me, you would be making music for no one but yourself. You should be happy that there is someone else that wants to hear what you have to give, even if it is for free.

  • mike


    you absolute moron. how can u justify downloading someones hardwork for free. just because its there doesnt mean you’re free to just help yourself. as said before it comes down to respect for the artist/producer/label and you clearly have none. i assume you’re some council estate benefit bitch probably never worked or paid for a single thing in his/her life. probably got 6 kids on the go with benefits coming in with each of em. you’re a fucking waste of space and speaking on behalf of the general music making population that you can crawl into some pit and die a slow horrible death you absolute fucking bell-end!

  • beezneezy

    Whether or not I agree with @freemusic notwithstanding, he makes an absolutely clear and well thought-out point. To call him a moron is ridiculous, and judging by the remainder of your reply, slightly hypocritical. You do NOT speak for anyone but yourself…

  • sigh

    I can’t believe how these fascists try to justify locking up their files. If people are going to support you monetarily, they’ll do it whether they can download your tracks easily or not. As soon as you release something, there will be copies of it anyway. You’re not making any money by locking things up. You’re losing money.

    I download some sample tracks, listen for a while, and then pay for the whole album if I like it. If there aren’t any free downloads, the musician loses out on a fan and customer.

    In addition, as an engineer, I often need to download tracks for analysis and research purposes. This is perfectly legal under fair use law. Having to work around your stupid restrictions to get to data I have a right to is really annoying.

    Also, copyright does eventually expire, at which point your track becomes public domain; the property of everyone.

    Stop trying to control that which cannot be controlled. The music industry’s greed and collusion with oppressive government is destroying our freedom and taking away our rights. Anyone who supports things like DRM is the enemy. Your “hard work” isn’t as important as society’s freedoms.

  • Max - The IT Pro

    Does that Firefox plug-in allow me to resume downloads? I usually use Free Download Manager but SoundCloud’s download link ain’t something it likes. Arghhh! Just had a 374MB DJ mix crap out after 80MB.

  • Themusicfab


  • alooper21

    rule number n: if it’s on internet, there’s RIP of it! that’s for all those that complain about their music being “stolen”. once you upload your creation on the web, assume that you let it go into every single computer connected to the network. crying out loud about being stolen is pointless, because they will turn up the volume so much that you’ll be reduced to silence by your own creation! as freemusic suggested it, get with the times. which is, get a job, and be a musician in your spare time, and for free. you might get a bigger satisfaction out of this aproach when you’ll look back on it.

  • oli...

    any progresion in grabbing a file at 320kbs… most pro music would of been uploaded at 320kbs, and there is a massive difference in sound quality from 128-320..

    many thanks x

  • soundcloud=128kbps

    If the uploader of a song on SoundCloud hasn’t allowed downloads, there’s no way to download the song in 320kbps. All files in the SoundCloud player are always 128kbps. Only when you use the official SoundCloud download button, you’ll get the file in the original bitrate (and format?).

  • Stranger

    Hi there, if you have a Unix based system, you can use my little quick and dirty rip script:

    if [ $# -ne 1 ]; then echo “Please enter a Soundcloud URL..”; exit; fi
    echo “Ripping: $1″
    json_data=$(curl -s “$1″ | grep -m 1 “window.SC.bufferTracks.push” | sed -s “s/window.SC.bufferTracks.push(//g” | sed -s “s/);//g”)
    url=$(echo -n $json_data | grep -Po ‘”streamUrl”:.*?[^\\]“‘ | sed -s “s/\”streamUrl\”://g” | sed -s “s/\”//g”)
    title=$(echo -n $json_data | grep -Po ‘”title”:.*?[^\\]“‘ | sed -s “s/\”title\”://g” | sed -s “s/\”//g”)
    wget $url -O “$title.mp3″

  • Lexx

    If None of the above works for you try DownloadHelper firefox plugin

    it’s tricky though

    it depends but sometimes it works right away other times I may have to refresh my browser to work….

  • ranks skinna

    I think the soundcloud user is a great bit of software…..and to add to the debate above; since using Soundcloud Downloader i have spent so much more on music!! i dj electronically via tracktor S4 so by using SCD I take the opportunity to try tracks out to see if its the type of thing i would like to play – when out djin in clubs and bars the quality (128 kbps) of the sound from SCD is simply not good enough -so if i know i am going to use it in my set i simply go to Juno or beatport and purchase a high-qual copy….so actually im finding myself buying so much more music than before! Another reason I use SCD is that Artists are still very slow in making an digital version of their music available…they need to cop onto the fact that everything is turning digital whether they like it or not!!

  • Ricardo M.


  • Moaning Minnies

    To those moaning about people downloading their music for free – how long does it take you to write a song? A month? A month of full time work, like 40 hours a week, to make a three minute song? I doubt it.

    Even the most successful artists in the world (generally) release loads of rubbish tracks. How long do you think it takes them to write and produce a successful track? 100 hours? I doubt it very much.

    Most people who make music nowadays also work full time, and make their music in their spare time. If they are actually good, then they will be able to give up work and live off their music. Plenty of talented, unhyped bands and artists have done so.

    If I like your music, and you’re an independent artist, and poor, I will buy it, if it’s reasonably priced (10p a track), otherwise, get a job like the rest of us.

    Or kindly explain how long it takes you to write one good, three minute song, and why everybody else should fund your laziness…

  • Moaning Minnies

    By the way, nofreemusic, your laughable argument that if everybody downloads music for free, there will be no more music, is ridiculous. Most people write music in their SPARE time. They work for a living. If they get really good at writing music, they WILL become able to give up their job, and make money off their music. Otherwise, where is all the wonderful music produced by artists who aren’t making good money off it? Please point me in its direction…

    “the producers that pour thousands of dollars and countless weeks/months/years into their music.”

    Thousands of dollars? How much does a PC cost? Who hasn’t got one in the first place?

    Years to make a song? I don’t think so.

  • malan michel

    VSO Downloader is my favorite solution for soudclound

  • Moe

    I wanted the soundcloud downloader as well for those rare off the wall tracks that are uploaded but neither downloadable nor for sale… but it only does 128 kbps…So it’s a fuckin waste… BTW… All of you “DJ’s” playing tracks at 128 need to fuckin quit, cuz on any decent sound system, if it aint 320 gtfo…

    Seriously… If you are making money off of mixing music, you should atleast have the decency to buy the tracks you’re spinning… Download shit if it’s NOT FOR SALE… but if you are gonna spin someone else’s music and make money… you really need to stop being a douchebag and buy the track…

  • Heather Moore

    I found a very nice tool on cnet about soundcloud downloader. Works wonder for me –

    I was wondering if you might want to try out our free software and maybe write a review about it.
    I would love to hear back from you and know your thoughts about it.

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